COFKO Electronics, LLC is a manufacturer of Battery Discharge Testers, Golf Cart Battery Discharge Testers, Golf Car Battery Discharge Testers, Deep Cycle Battery Discharge Testers, 25 Amp Reserve Capacity Battery Testers (6,8,12,24,36,48 Volts), Automotive 25 Amp Reserve Capacity Battery Testers (12V). 

We designed and manufacture the BC-5000 Battery Capacity Analyzer, BC-6000 (same as BC-5000 with USB interface for battery discharge graph report), BC-7000 0.5A to 50A high performance analyzer, BC-8000 a high performance battery capacity analyzer 0.5A to 50A unit equipped with a 12V to 32V, 0.05A to 25A battery charger/conditioner, and BC-9000 battery charger, 12V to 32V, 0.05A to 25A battery charger/conditioner. Note: BC-5000, BC-6000, BC-7000, BC-8000, and BC-9000 are available only through our distributors Advanced Power Products and Concorde Battery Corporation.

A manufacturer of Battery Discharge Testers since 1993.
New Products: 48V,36V Dual Voltage and 36V,24V Dual Voltage testers. 24V 100A tester.
Battery Discharge Testers and Battery Capacity Analyzers for: Standby battery power packs, golf carts, floor machines/ sweepers/ scrubbers, battery powered electric tuggers for aircraft, battery powered aerial work platforms, recreational vehicle battery packs, marine trolling motor batteries, electric boat batteries, renewable energy batteries, solar battery packs, military electrical vehicles, electric wheel chairs, battery powered advertising sign lighting, battery powered ground transportation, battery powered lighting, battery powered mining machinery, deep cycle battery testing.

Excerpt from the Battery Council International document: "Ohmic resistance readings cannot replace capacity testing in new or aged products to determine percent capacity or ampere-hours capacity". See details in BCI's document bci-ohmicreadings.pdf

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New Product:  LT60  6 volt, 75 Amp constant current, battery powered  $450